Pikes Peak Aikido neither requires nor offers contracts of any kind. Dues are owed monthly and should be paid by the 5th of each month. Dues and fees are solely used to cover rent and other dojo expenses.

Dues can be paid in person at the dojo with cash or check.

  • Monthly Dues: $75.00
  • Additional Family Members:  $45.00 (per month/per person)
  • Military or full-time student: $60.00/month
  • Beginner’s 3-month package (includes a uniform): $175.00
  • Mat Fee: $10.00/day

Students are encouraged to join Aikido Shimbokukai.  Aikido Shimbokukai Association annual dues are $50.00 (payable annually by 31 Jan). One must be a member to receive an official aikido rank.

Aikido Shimbokukai Membership Form